Logo Branding


Embroidery is the reproduction of a logo using needle and thread to create designs.

Southern Monograms commenced embroidery in 1978 and has the largest embroidery factory in the South Island. Our team of embroidery machinists have decades of combined experience to ensure that your job is professionally finished and gets out on time.

Digitizing is critical to ensuring a quality finish. Our digitisers import artwork into a CAD type system then plot all the stitches on top of this image. This produces an embroidery programme that provides the machinery with a set of signals directing its movements, changes in colour and thread trims. Our in-house team will provide an electronic proof for your approval prior to production.

Embroidery is ideal for multi coloured logo on small to medium production runs. All manner of fabrics can be embroidered. The finish is lustrous and enduring. Embroidery provides the best finish for caps and heavier fabrics such as knitwear, towelling and fleece.


Screen Print

Screen printing is the reproduction of a logo using silk screen and ink to create designs directly onto fabric.

Our printers use a variety of manual and automated carousels. Artwork specialists separate each layer of colour. This is why it is vital to provide vector artwork. For each colour in a design a separate screen is made by burning the image onto emulsion covered silk screens using UV light.

Screen printing is ideal for 100% cotton fabrics, long production runs with relatively few colours in the design.



Digitally printed transfers machines print logo onto a vinyl or PVC that can be then applied on to your garment using heat. A little like an iron on transfer. Heat pressed transfers are ideal for nylons and polyester rich fabrics which can case registration and bleeding issue if attempting to print using screen printing.

Screen printed transfers give a very high quality finish and a very nice thin print. With this process you print the image on to paper using a screen, and then you heat apply it to the garment. All the colours go on at once, so you have none of the registration issues you normally have when direct printing difficult garments.


Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment printing is a relatively new break through in garment printing technology. It is like screen printing but without the necessity to set-up screens for each colour. The process is ink directly onto the shirt so it has the same soft finish as screen printing and it wears very well. As it’s a digital process, each shirt can be unique, all without the setup charges.

This process is ideal for short run print jobs. There are some limitations. Ink prices prohibit this process from being effective on longer runs which are more suited to screen printing.


Computer Cut

Computer cut is vinyl cut to basic shapes to form a design.

There is a limited colour palette and this is ideal for large numbers and individual names for sports teams. Smaller production runs with basic lettering can also be perfect for computer cut production.