Frequently Asked Questions about NZ screen printing

If you’ve got any questions about our custom apparel services, please read through the questions below or feel free to give us a call so we can help you out!

How long will it take?

For new designs it is necessary to digitise your logo. We usually produce a sample prior to production. This process typically takes 2 – 3 days. Once your logo has been digitised most production runs are completed within 4 – 5 days. Repeat orders are usually completed within one working week.

We can expedite delivery, so if you have a tight deadline, please talk to us and we will do our best to meet any reasonable request.

We do get extremely busy prior to Christmas and at other times through out the year. Please phone us to book production space. Custom-made orders typically take 8 – 10 weeks. Faster delivery via air-freight can be arranged at an extra cost.

How much will it cost?

Embroidery is priced based on the number of stitches in each design. This is a function of the speed at which the embroidery machines run. You can have as many as nine different colours in your logo before any extra costs are incurred.
Digitising prices are based on the length of time it takes to complete.

What is embroidery?

Embroidery refers to stitching through fabric. An embroidery programme is a series of electronic instructions that tell the multi-head embroidery machine how to move, trim threads and switch colours.

Do you supply garments and/or caps?

Yes we do supply an extensive range of garments, caps and other promotional products for the trade, corporate, hospitality, agricultural, educational and medical industry, as well as t-shirts and clothing for sports teams, promotions or casual use.

Do you supply outside Canterbury and New Zealand?

Within New Zealand we service customers from Kaitaia to Invercargill and have done so for many years. We have also completed work for clients in Australia, Antarctica, the Pacific Islands, the United Kingdom, the United States, Angola, Canada, and Switzerland. With today’s technology geographic distance is no barrier to us meeting your requirements.

Can I bring in my own caps and or garments?

You may bring in your own garments but we only embroider caps that we supply ourselves. Our minimum run for direct embroidery on caps is 12 units.

How big/small can my logo be?

A typical chest logo is 7 – 10 cm wide. Our maximum stitchable area is 46 x 36 cm. On caps the maximum logo height is 6.8cm. Our special pocket frame allows for a maximum width of 7 cm.
The smallest legible text achievable in embroidery is 3.5mm. This limitation has to do with the width of the actual thread used and the size of the needles.

What artwork format(s) do we require?

For embroidery we prefer .jpg 400dpi PC Format. We can work from vector files such as .ai .cdr .dxf .epc .hpg .lop.
If you do not have electronic files available we can work from scanned images of photos, letterheads, business cards or hand-drawn pictures.

How can I pay?

Please refer to our terms and conditions. Payment is by cash, cheque or credit card upon completion, and we may request a deposit prior to commencement. For clients who complete an approved application for a trade account, payment is required no later than the 20th of the month following delivery.