Supacolour produces a crisper finish over traditional screen printing. Colours are vibrant and can be PMS matched,  it’s fantastic for logos with fine detail, gradients, fades or small text, a Supacolour transfer will be a true representation of your logo.

They’re also cheaper, faster to produce, and more durable with a high washability rate of 70+ washes as tested by a 3rd party lab ensuring the designs stay looking amazing even when the garment starts wearing out.

Our Supacolour Process

Graphics are able to be printed with line weights as small as 1 point (0.35mm) producing a level of sharpness, vibrancy, and detail that other embellishment techniques are unable to match.

Best Options for Supacolour

Supacolour transfers can be applied to almost any material and our new heat press enables us to print a wide range of products in house such as bags, socks, caps and garments.

If you are interested in a Supacolour transfer for your garments, we need good artwork from you or we can re-draw for a fee so get in touch with us today.  Minimum run is 20 units.