Southern Monograms guide to embroidered logo placement

Thinking about getting your logo printed onto a T-Shirt, Polo Shirt or Business Shirt but not sure what the best position for your logo is?

Read our quick guide to the best placement for your logo on T-Shirt, Polo Shirt or Business Shirt.

At Southern Monograms we’ve been doing this for a number of years now, so we feel suitability qualified to offer up some suggestions for you.

There are 3 main areas of consideration when deciding where to place your logo:

  1. The size of your logo
  2. How much brand impact do you want
  3. Do you want one logo or more

There are four main locations to consider, Left chest, right chest, sleeve and back – here’s a quick rundown on the benefits of each of them.

Logos embroidered on the left chest

A logo on the left chest is by far the most popular choice.  An embroidered logo on the left chest is highly visible and will help your company gain good exposure as that’s where most people are trained to look, it has great visibility and high impact.  We recommend that a logo placed on the left chest be between 7-10 centimetres in size.

Logos embroidered on the right chest

Placing a logo on the right chest is not as popular but does have visual appeal.  It can be a useful placement if you need to put both a logo and a name or secondary logo on the garment.  It can be eye catching as its outside of the norm – so if you are looking to differentiate yourself why not give it a try.

Logos embroidered on the sleeve
If you are after a more subtle approach placing a logo on the sleeve is a good option. This location allows you to have brand visibility whilst keeping it discrete.  This placement is best for giveaway clothing or a garment where the wearer is not necessarily an employee.  If you do require further branding you can always compliment it with secondary branding on the opposite sleeve or chest

Logos embroidered on the back (or front)
Placing a large logo on the back of a shirt has the most impact of all.  You have the most real-estate to get your brand message across.  If your shirts are for a sporting event, product launch, charity event or a marketing exercise then this is the best option for you.  Screen printing is the best option for a large back logo as its more economical than embroidery, however if you are looking for  maximum exposure embroidery will make your logo stand out.  The best size for a large back logo is between 18 – 25cm wide.  Logos on the front work best on garments where there is no front opening such as a T-Shirt, Singlet or Sweat Shirt or Hoodie.

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