How to Choose the Right Corporate Clothing

When it comes to ordering corporate clothing, it’s not just simply slapping a logo on a t-shirt and calling it a day. With so many options and corporate clothing companies in NZ today, here are our 3 best tips for choosing corporate clothing should you need to dress your team and show off your brand.

Understand Who and What it’s For

The first step to ordering the right corporate clothing is defining who will be wearing it, and what it is for. Depending on the group of people for whom you’re dressing, there can be huge variations in the types of clothing that will suit them best. For example, are you ordering for hands on, labour intensive construction workers? Or are you looking to fit your team for a special event such as an exhibition or trade show? This will largely dictate the types of clothing you will need. Think about comfort, safely, durability and fit. Some items, such as high quality fleece jackets are more comfort items that work great as an employee gift (and may be a little more expensive), but if it’s clothing for a one-off event such as a trade show, you may be better with embroidered polos that look professional but are less costly.

The key to choosing the best corporate clothing is choosing what your employees will love and be happy to wear. In our industry the saying goes “wear to share” and it’s very true – if your team is happy wearing your apparel, they’re more likely to wear it more often and in turn your brand gets more visibility. There’s no doubt that a carefully designed message worn on your person can serve to attract others and help start conversations – branded apparel is a powerful and versatile marketing tool.

Work with Professionals

When you don’t know all the ins and outs, and options available for corporate clothing the best decision you can make is to work with reputable professionals. Once you understand who and what your clothing is for, these people will be able to tell you what the best options are and how to maximise your marketing impact via the design of the clothing. With a long history in corporate clothing and branded apparel, we have a host of experience in choosing the right pieces for the right team. We have learnt what people like (and don’t like) about different clothing and can we take pride in helping our customers navigate the options and narrow down their choices.

Fabric Choice, Cut and Fit

It’s easy to tell if you’re wearing something high quality or poor quality just by the feel of it. Low quality items tend to be scratchy and don’t breathe once you start perspiring or the temperature warms up. Cheap fabrics will tend to fade, stretch or shrink over time, so when you are investing in corporate clothing it’s important your fabric will last (and if it does, your team will get much more wear from it – thus extra marketing for your brand).

The cut and fit of your branded clothing is essential to ensure it gets lots of wear. Everyone wants to wear pieces that fit well and make the most of their body shape. At Southern Monograms we have many options for unisex items as well as womens, mens, kids, smaller and larger sizes, and everything in between. If possible, it helps to directly ask the people who will be wearing the clothing about what they would like so you can find the best options. Corporate clothing enhances company unity, and getting the best fabric, cut and fit is vital to ensure everyone feels included.

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