Why Tradies Should Wear Branded Clothing

Branded Workwear for Tradies

Do you think branded workwear is an unnecessary expense, or just for the big corporates?

You might be surprised to discover how cost-effective branded workwear can be, whether you’re a local one-man band or you employ a workforce of 100.

But it’s not all about cost; branded workwear can add real value to your business, in ways you might not have considered before.

Here are 5 reasons why tradies should be in branded workwear:

  1. Customer Reassurance

    Studies have shown that customers prefer to see an employee in branded workwear. Recognisable company clothing can provide reassurance for customers, helping to instil trust and peace of mind. Whether your staff work on the shop floor, directly serving customers, or visiting their home or place of work, branded workwear will serve to reassure by immediately showing them who you work for. 

  2. Free Advertising

    Every time your employees interact with customers, or are seen by the public, your brand is getting seen too. That’s a large amount of free, unlimited advertising which continues to add value every time your workwear is worn. With a reach that stretches as far and wide as your staff go in person, you’ll benefit from a repeated exposure that would be prohibitively expensive to achieve by other means without significant financial commitment. By simply putting your brand on your staff’s uniform it will work continuously to reinforce and build awareness of your business.

  3. Professionalism

    Every time your employees are in front of your customers they’ll be representing your company and impacting on your customer judgements. Branded workwear tells your customers, as well as the companies you work with, that your business is professional. A smart staff uniform is expected today, anything less can immediately set off ‘might-be-a-cowboy’ alarms in customer’s minds. The excellent work and service you provide can all be let down by sub-par appearance.

  4. Staff Confidence & Belonging

    When you put your staff in branded workwear it can make them feel like they really are part of the team, bringing a sense of belonging amongst employees, as well as an enhanced sense of responsibility and accountability. You’ll be surprised at the flow-on effect that kitting everyone out in well-fitting, attractive workwear can have: the boost to morale can lead to staff taking more pride in who they work for and the quality of the work they do, resulting in improved productivity. Branded workwear is good for business.

  5. Take Pride in Your Brand

    It’s not just big corporations that stand to benefit when it comes to branded clothing. The great thing about branded workwear is that it can be used by every type of business, no matter the industry and whatever the scale. If you’re proud of your business and workforce then you should want to make your staff be seen and feel smart and professional-looking.

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