Merchandise and the Power of Instagram

Merchandise and the power of Instagram

Let’s start with some fun facts; there are over one billion users on Instagram (over one-eighth of the world’s total population), users like 4.2 billion posts a day, 500 million use Instagram Stories every day and, celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo have over 150 million followers!* 

Those statistics might convince you that your business needs to be on Instagram, posting regularly, and building an organic following. However, your brand could reach millions of users without having an Instagram at all, and this is because your brand could organically reach thousands, even millions through with your merchandise being displayed on one post by an Instagramer with a big following. 

Last year, New Zealand received 3.82 million tourists, a huge percentage who probably participated in an activity and therefore, used a tour operator. Not only will your brand get noticed offline with people walking around with your branded merchandise, showing off their latest accomplishments, but with the power online posting and the use of hashtags, location check-ins and business tagging, your merchandise could reach thousands of potential new customers. 

Particularly if it’s hard to take photos or film videos whilst on a tour, customers often like to purchase a souvenir or memorabilia as a way to remind them of their experience, and as a symbol of a ‘been there, done that, got the cap,’ and therefore, your brand continues to be seen even after their time has ended during the tour. 

So, if you’re interested in free advertising, and furthering your company’s reach, then make sure you have caps, t-shirts, hoodies and bags with your brand printed on readily available for your customer’s purchase. We stock plenty of technical and practical clothing so your merchandise also has a purpose and great functionality for everyday use. 

Southern Monograms, have helped many tour operators, race organisations as well as other adventure organisations with their merchandise and staff uniforms, if you’re interested in getting a quote for your business, then contact us today. 

*Statistics taken from Hootsuite. 

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