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Baseball Caps – The Perfect Branded Apparel

Slip, Slop, Slap

Baseball caps make the perfect branded apparel to promote your business and keep your customers, potential customers or staff happy during the Summer. Many people appreciate the style and convenience of wearing a branded cap, and they make a useful and low-cost giveaway item that has become the most popular form of promotional clothing.  If you’re considering personalised caps as branded apparel giveaway, you’re on the right track. Here’s why.

Brand Exposure

The main reason to invest in branded personalised caps is brand exposure and making a good choice when choosing a brand personalised giveaway is essential. A mug, for example, is usually a tasteful choice, however, its use is more internal. A baseball cap however can be worn almost anywhere, by anyone, and is always at eye level of other people – it will be seen on buses, parks, airports, streets and so on. Research shows that people just seeing your logo is enough to improve future sales because consumers that are already familiar with your logo are more likely to trust it, so consider how much spontaneous advertising branded caps can bring to your business!

Universally Accepted and Fitted

The great thing about baseball caps is that they’re universally accepted, and you’ll see people from all walks of life, geographies, demographics and ethnicities wearing them. Not only this, you need not worry about different sizes for different folks, because they’re designed as one size fits all as well as being unisex so they can be worn by anyone. Because of this, people are more likely to happily wear your branded cap and in turn, increase your company’s visibility every time they are worn.

Practical and Low Cost

When we compare baseball caps to other branded apparel, the cost is much lower which makes them great for giveaways, staff uniforms, promotions or gifts. Caps are also known to have a high perceived value because they feel like a real gift, rather than an item that gets easily thrown away. Our customers love the low cost and quick turnaround time of promotional caps (especially if you purchase them in bulk), and their customers love the utility of a well-made hat – it’s a win/win.

A Different Way to be Remembered

Investing in customised apparel means staying longer in the memory of your potential customers. According to a survey made by an American consultancy, 88% of businesses who give away personalised gifts were remembered by their customers in the period of 12 months. A much better number compared to the result of the business who just used advertising pieces in newspapers or magazines and were remembered only by 71% of the interviewees.

Now that you are convinced of the reasons why baseball caps make the perfect branded apparel, check Southern Monograms’ baseball caps range and get in touch with us today!

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