Why having branded apparel is so important to your business

Branded apparel is important to business

Branded apparel is all around us. Every day we see staff members wearing it, whether it be at the petrol station, supermarket, or fast food joint. Sports teams and supporters brandish their insignia with real pride and loyalty, and a plethora of business logos can be seen on hats and baseball caps given away in promotions, like a sea of little mobile billboards.

This represents enormous potential for your business, with branded apparel strengthening the culture, improving the atmosphere within the workplace, and ultimately leading to more business and better results.

Let’s look at some benefits that branded clothing can bring your business:

Consistent Appearance

Every company has a brand identity comprising design, logo, colour palette, and physical environment. Use of branded garments that create visual consistency between staff uniform and other brand elements confer on the business an image of care and commitment to the staff. This reinforces a sense of professionalism and that a high quality of service is on offer.

Company Culture Reinforcement

Using uniforms promotes the employee’s sense of belonging and inclusion in the workplace, generating empowerment within a team of professionals. When employees wear uniforms, they feel like true team members, performing more productively, yielding better results, and ultimately increasing profitability for the company.

People Will Show Their Loyalty and Pride

Branded clothing is a great way for your loyal customers to invest in your brand with the added benefit of promoting your business every time they wear these items. Sporting brands and teams epitomise this principle, and as you’ll know during any trip into town, you’ll see numerous Macpac, Nike, or All Black garments. While your brand may not (yet!) have the standing of the All Blacks, investing in branded clothing provides a great ongoing marketing opportunity, giving your customers a way to show loyalty and promote the brand.

The Perfect Giveaway

Personalised apparel makes great giveaways for any type and size of business, and as we know, everyone – well, nearly everyone – loves getting free stuff. Branded apparel provides a perfect opportunity to stimulate interest in your business from both your regular customers and those that may not yet know your brand. Giveaways are an investment to engage your brand and customers in an exciting and relevant way with the ongoing brand visibility of the branded insignia.

Presents your business culture

When a customer becomes familiar with a uniformed company and its employees, they always immediately know for sure who is and is not part of the business. For them, personalised company apparel gives a sense of certainty in the quality of service offered and makes them feel better served, in the sense that they are dealing with an organised and professional business.

Sparks Curiosity About Your Business

Interesting and well-presented uniforms will drive curiosity about your business and have people wondering about it. You can add important information about your company to these garments, for example, your website address, so people can look for your company online, getting to know what you do and how to get in touch with you.

Remember, branded apparel is an investment in your brand and business, providing an ongoing marketing opportunity to promote the company and provide staff with a sense of pride and commitment.

Wondering what your company’s branded uniforms could look like? Check out Southern Monograms products (to apply branding to) and submit an enquiry today!

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