Cooler bags provide a great branding opportunity

Branded cooler bags

Summer is here (well, besides a cheeky storm or two with giant, golf ball-sized hail stones)! Branded cooler insulated bags could be just what your customers need to keep their food and drinks cool and crisp through our scorching New Zealand summer.

Why invest in branded cooler bags? They are a great way to promote your business, with many different ways to get them into circulation, such as promotional giveaways, staff gifting and upselling at the counter/shopping cart page.

Distributing branded insulated bags as promotional giveaways is a good way to keep your brand foremost in the minds of your regular customers, but a way to reach out to new customers as well. Using these customised bags as a promotional give away at events exposes your brand during the event itself and long after it as customers will use the cooler bags for many summers to come.

Another way to distribute your insulated bags is by gifting them to your employees. Giving staff branded cooler lunch boxes will help you to internally build your brand reputation (in much the same was as uniforms help build a sense of staff unity) while creating an employee identification that can isn’t just limited to the time they are on company premises.

If you have a food or beverage business, then upsells at the counter are definitely a must-do for your brand. Offering branded food and wine cooler bags at the counter will definitely catch your customers eyes, especially since they can use them right then and there to get to their destination with a nice cold beverage or fresh food thanks to your thoughtful offer!

  1. Brand recognition

    Offering branded chilly bags can transport your brand to places far outside the usual business environment, which means that visual communication is critical in the production of these items. By carrying the logo and other elements that demonstrate your company’s identity, these cooler bags will strengthen your brand presence, making it easily recognisable and memorable for members of the public.

  2. Cost effective

    Think about how these branded cooler bags will affect not only your brand recognition but especially your return on investment. They are an affordable solution to suit any budget, contributing to boosting your business performance with multiple options including size, type, and colour as well. Branded insulated bags can be used by any business, but the positive brand reinforcement for food and beverage companies in particular, is definitely priceless.

  3. Long lasting

    On top of the fact that these branded insulated bags are reusable, it’s important to take into consideration that they are also durable products that are long-lasting, providing many years of use for consumers. Consequently, your brand will be exposed to other potential customers innumerable times, far outside of its usual industry confines during this time.

  4. Environmentally-friendly

    Not only do brand-related elements help to communicate your company’s core messaging, but they also demonstrate ecological awareness and concern. Distribution of these cooler insulated bags as eco-gifts will attract an increasing number of environmentally-conscious consumers, eager to ditch their single use plastic bags, while also promoting your brand.

At Southern Monograms, we offer a big range of cooler bags that can be customised according to your marketing needs. Our insulated bag options vary by size, colour and model.

Click here to get directly in touch with us so we can present a tailored option to fit your budget and business needs!

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