Branded Corporate Clothing – Quality Matters

If you’re a corporate company looking for staff or promotional clothing, then selecting a company who can deliver a high-quality service is key. The value of professional clothing can go a long way and when guiding our corporate customers through the process, we will always recommend what we believe will be the most professional service.

Screen printing is a great solution in producing great looking clothing, but our embroidery services will really take your corporate branding to the next level. Here are a few reasons why you should consider embroidery:


If you’re looking for an option that will last, then our precision-based embroidery using high-quality threads won’t fray or fade away. With thread that’s deeply dyed and vibrant, you can guarantee a long-term professional look.


If your brand or logo has unique, uncommon colours, then Southern Monograms will still be able to take on the job. Our talented staff will work with you in order to find the perfect custom colour threads. Representing your brand correctly is key in order to maintain that professional look, we recognize this importance and will do everything to meet your exact needs.


Similar to the colour, if your logo is complicated, then we’ve got it covered. Southern Monograms are all about precision and we’ve taken on some pretty complex logos. We are the largest embroidery factory in the South Island, with some of the world’s best machinery and we’ve yet to meet a logo that’s been too difficult.

Southern Monograms is proud to offer various price points and an unbeatable selection of materials and designs that align with your vision. Get in touch today, to chat about your corporate branding.

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